AGE Crypto

Navigating the crypto asset landscape with dedication and deep expertise

The Future, Today

Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets are the most promising asset class that has ever emerged. You need an experienced management team that fundamentally understands this revolution at both a technical and financial level.

Our multi-strategy investment vehicles combine years worth of experience in an ever changing and evolving market to maximize potential while minimizing risk.

Macro Trends

A strong focus on world changing sectors including financial markets, payments, decentralized computing, and privacy.

Event Driven

Proprietary monitoring combined with long cultivated management relationships allow us to act on market moving data in real time.

Seed Stage

Our network of seasoned entreprenuers and our critical diligence skills allow us to evaluate lucrative early stage and small cap investment opportunities.

Income Generation

Using technology we maximize the yield of emerging assets, hedging downside risk and generating returns in all market conditions.